First steps of the Carnival Emergency Plan

The initial contact was carried out in the Town Hall in Águilas

A beautiful moment of a Carnival´s parade

A beautiful moment of a Carnival´s parade

The Council Chamber of the Town Hall in Aguilas was the choosen setting for a meeting between more than thirty representatives of different organizations and institutions that will take an active part in the Carnival Security Board last night. The reason for this meeting was to have an initial contact to be able to start the preparations for the Specific Plan 2006.

Each year, the Post of Councillor for the Security of the Public belonging to the Town Hall of Aguilas startas a Specific Plan due to the celebration of the Carnival. It coordinates a number of actions to be able to face, in a fast and effective way, any type of emergency that can occur during the different acts of the Canival, also during the previous hours and once the celebrations are over.

On this occasion, Carnival of Aguilas 2006, more than 300 people will be mobilized to guarantee that every act will be carried out in the best possible way. Mobilized forces will be: Civil Defence, the Fire Department, Health Service of Murcia, 061, The Red Cross, the Local Police, Guardia Civil, private security, Scout groups and other town services.

Not only this, they will have available a great number of other resources such as: a paramedics helicopter, a field hospital, six fire engines, thirty-five cars belonging to Civil Defence, Guardia Civil and the Local Police, eight ambulances, also a number of vehicles and control, prevention and surveillance means.

The P.E.E.C. Plan Específico de Emergencias del Carnival (Specific Emergency Carnival Plan) is aimed to protect people and property, through the estab lishment of an organic- functional structure and an operative procedure that can guarantee a fast response in any emergency that may occur in Aguilas.

The Mayor of Aguilas has declared that all these measures would not have any validity without the help of the public.

The Mayor´s words

Help from all Aguilas citizens

The Mayor of Águilas, Juan Ramírez, has declared that all these security measures would not have any validity if “we do not have help from all citizens”. This is, according to the Mayor, “an important and base key every year”. Ramírez has also declared that there will be periodical meetings during this month, up untill the first day of Carnival. The next meeting has been scheduled on Monday, 23rd of January.

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