The Carnival Boat Race 2006 presented

The presentation was attended by the Mayor of Aguilas, the Councillor of Culture and the President of the Nautic Club

Moments of the presentation

Moments of the presentation

Last Tuesday, the 24th of January, the head office of the Nautic Club of Aguilas, presided as the host of the presentation of the Carnival 2.006. This presentation was attended by the Mayor of Águilas, Juan Ramírez, the Councillor of Culture, Clara Valverde,as representation of the Government Body, also the Pesident of the Sailing Association of Murcia Manuel Roca, and the President of the Nautic Club of Águilas, Íñigo Anza.

The act commenced by the showing of a video where different parts of the Carnival related to nautic sports was viewed (video that has been sent to all the participants of previous races as an invitation). After the viewing, the President of the Nautic Club emphasized the importance of this boat race that “makes the two high moments of Aguilas come together: Carnival and Sailing” Not only that, Anza wished to highlight that “this boat race does not only have a sport side to it but it also helps all those that have participated to know our Carnival better”.

There is an agreement between the Federation and the local Nautic Club

Manuel Roca also wanted to underline the importance of fidelity to all water sports, above all in Águilas that he defined as ”a little corner of the coast that still has to be discovered in the Mediterranean”. At the same time Roca wished to remind all those present that Águilas has always been a land of great boat racers, being this the reason why the Federation of Murcia has an agreement with the local Nautic Club to “help train young people that will be able to represent the Spanish Sailing Federation.”
Clara Valverde,the Councillor of Culture, highlighted the importance of this race “the best resources we have in Águilas is the sea and water sports, and they are taken advantage of to make the Carnival strong”. Besides, Valverde also mentioned the existance of an agreement to be signed by: the Town Hall, the Culture Commission and the Nautic Club, to promote this sport.

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