District of Tébar celebrates Saint Antón one more year

The village received many visitors during the event

Moments of the  procession of the saint

Moments of the procession of the saint.

The district of Aguilas, Tébar , dressed up last Sundy to celebrate, one more year, the village´s patron saint, Saint Antón Abad (this Spanish Saint protects pets and other animals). As it is usual, the very first act was the celebration of Holy Mass. Followed by the traditional act of blessing of all animals. These were the acts that, starting at noon, opened the activity programme planned for the day.

The celebration of these acts gave way to the solemn procession where all those that have a special devotion to the saint, walked a fervent path accompanied by typical “Cantes de Pascua” (Christmas Songs), performed by the musical group from Cuesta de Gos and Marina de Cope.

They also celebrated a brotherhood lunch that, brought together, as in every occasion, local authorities, neighbours and all those visitors that wished to join.During this lunch, a touching Recognition Act was celebrated to honour the Mayor of Aguilas, Juan Ramírez Soto, which was carried out by the Neighbours of Tebas Association.Ramírez, was not only presented with a commemorative plaque but was also the main figure in a very touching act of honour. In this act, different troubadours entertained with their songs, amongst them José Antonio “El Andaluz”, “Tío Juan Rita”, Felipe “De la Torrecilla”, accompanied by the guitar player “El Lagunero”.

The district Mayor of Tébar, Domingo Hernández, joined in the Recognition Act, full of “funny lyrics” that pretend, not only to praise the figure of the Mayor of Aguilas, but also to make “the expected requests” to the town leader. The festive afternoon continued with many traditional Spanish games and also with local ones as the “Baile de Pujas” (bidding dance) or the performance of the Flamenco singers Mariano Sáez, Ramón López “El Andaluz”, accompanied by“El Lagunero”.

Popular feasts

Tradition and folklore

Tradition and folklore are the central stars of the feasts in the districts of Aguilas. These are areas where they still maintain these types of customs and manners. Aso, the neighbours fight to avoid them disappearing, they want them to survive.

Proof of this is the increase in the number of these musical groups such as the Cuadrilla de la Marina de Cope.

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