With the play “Cerco”, the “Paco Rabal” comes to an end

The play will be staged by Kalikatre Teatro, and is based on the Roman Chronicles of A. Sastre

With the play Cerco

After last Saturday´s play Cerco, (Siege) staged by the theatre group of Madrid Kalikatre Teatro.

The II National Amateur Theatre Contest “Francisco Rabal” comes to an end this week. After last Saturday´s play “Cerco”, (Siege) staged by the theatre group of Madrid Kalikatre Teatro, we will only have to wait until tomorrow night to know which will be this year´s best play.

The award ceremony will take place, as it is usual, in the assembly room of La Casa de la Cultura. We will also be able to enjoy the staging of the play “La estanquera de Vallecas” (The Tobacco Dealer of Vallecas), played by actors belonging to local theatre groups.

“Siege”, the last play selected to comete for the prize, is an adaption of the playlet “Roman Chronicles” written by Alfonso Sastre . The theatre group of Madrid Kalikatre Teatro, with Jesus Bodasas director, has choosen six chapters.
The staging by Kalikatre Teatro arrives in Murcia after its successful premiere, in the community centre of Colmarejo and also in other theatres of Madrid.

According to the authors of the play, their final aim is “to try to embody, in a tragicomedy, the mishaps and destitutions that mankind, through the centuries, have provoked with inconsistency, tyranny and wickedness”. To be able to show all this, the group Kalikatre, gathers the obscene, the absurd, pain and, at the end, death.

All these elements form a show that, in words of the promoters, “ is derected to the public in capital letters, to the commited theatrical spectator that will participate in the play”.

In the staging therefore, transgression is presented as the main character; the audience as an accomplice in a tragedy, recreates a historical moment, which is the siege of Numancia.

The aim is to denounce the violence which all societies have imposed on themselves and on others, ignoring human rights and to show how the people of Numancia fell to political situations like those we have today.

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