“Entrecalles” a “Miser” halfway between irony and mime.

This classical was staged in a very austere setting, to highlight the acid humour of this French author.

entrecalles ingles

Moments of the performanceof the group Entrecalles with their “The Miser”.

The II National Contest of Amateur Theatre “Paco Rabal” continues with its humorous and ludic tone. Last Saturday, after the plays “It´s not so easy”,or the funny “No censure”, it was the turn for the French classical “The Miser”, written by the famous dramatist Mollière.

The known French play was staged in La Casa de la Cultura by the theatre group “Entrecalles”. They recreated the topic of meanness with the most representative character in world literature, with a staging based basically, on stage simplicity, ludic tone and a light “touch” of humour generated by exaggeration.

This theatre company of Madrid, to be able to achieve the updating of the theme, uses modern resources as video projection and the interactive relationship with the audience. All this “dressed” with a language where comedy and mime is combined.

In the play “The Miser”, Mollière wanted to display the foundations of society of his days, one being avarice which is the main topic of the play and the obsession of the protagonist Harpagón.

Carlos Alcalde is the actor that brings to life the miser. This theatre director, that is from Peru, is also the staging director and, as we have said before, he has given the play an austere setting that achieves to highlight with theatre technics and the performance, the acid humour of this French writter.

Entrecalles is an international theatre group and is known for their performance in atypical places: public squares, jails or “squatter” buildings.

The play that will draw the curtains next Saturday will be “Tócala otra vez, Sam” (Play it again, Sam).

We will all have a week full of expectation until the closing and award ceremony that will take place on Saturday, the third of December. On that same date, the premiere of “La estanquera de Vallecas” (The tabacco dealer of Vallecas) will be staged by members of local theatre groups.

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